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Business Setup in Dubai: Key Advantages

Key Advantages of setting up a business in Dubai

The magnificent metropolis of Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. This city, known as the "City of Gold," has attracted visitors from all over the world. The largest ethnic group in the UAE is Indian, which makes up over 30% of the country's population. And several of them have founded prosperous enterprises that boost the national economy, particularly the economy of Dubai.


Several factors contribute to making Dubai a desirable location for startups.

1. Opportunities:

Dubai was formerly a sleepy Gulf port. It developed into a centre for international trade in the course of just one generation.


Dubai is increasingly focusing on generating income from sources other than oil. To compete with other global commercial hubs, it is implementing cutting-edge techniques and technology.


People now have a tonne of options to experiment with and invest in emerging corporate sectors in Dubai as a result.

2. Ease of doing business:

Dubai is renowned as a haven for foreigners. The implementation of an open trade system with few restrictions on free market activities has made doing business easier.


Moreover, their supply chain reimburses Value Added Tax. Additionally, discussions regarding giving SME businesses 100 percent ownership are ongoing.


Foreign direct investment has intriguing potential in the city. Additionally, the free trade agreement between India and the UAE grants duty-free access to the UAE market to domestic exporters in a number of industries, including textiles, agriculture, dried fruits, gems, and jewellery.


This will contribute to increasing two-way trade from its current $60 billion level to $100 billion in five years.

3. Amenities:

Dubai is at the forefront because of top-notch technology and ongoing innovation. Life is made simpler and more appealing by the nation's infrastructure.


Professional and skilled personnel are drawn to this city for its alluring wage packages, higher standard of life, prospects for world-class education, and first-rate healthcare system.

4. The Golden Visa Program:

A five- or ten-year residency package is available under the Golden Visa Program to a variety of people, including investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, doctors, and exceptional students.


According to government statistics, a whopping 44,000 people have moved to Dubai using a golden visa since the program's start.

5. A waiver on personal income tax:

The complete exemption from personal income tax and the minimum capital gains tax is another factor encouraging Indian entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Dubai.


Additionally, legislation pertaining to cryptocurrency are simpler in Dubai. As a result, the environment is favourable and conducive to entrepreneurs. for the new ones in particular.





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