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When and where consumers search engines to find businesses

When And Where Consumers Search Engines To Find Businesses

Looking to make that extra buck?, But confused about where to invest with so many options available in the market, Don’t stress Team YKG Corp presents a comprehensive guide for better investment that will give you a fair idea about which investment option is better for you. As an investor one always looks to make extra income by investing their money to generate maximum returns on their investments without any risk of losing money.

However, it’s a universal law that "No Pain No Gain” and the same applies to the world of investments, greater returns involve greater risks. In reality, risk and returns are inversely related, i.e. with more risk come higher

Returns and vice versa.


Choosing amongst the various investments options can be a challenging and tricky process. However, with our expert portfolio management services you don’t have to worry about a thing, our expert portfolio managers will create an investment portfolio exclusively for you keeping in mind your goals and risk appetite so you can get maximum yields on your time and investment.

Invest safe - Grow More!                                                                                                                


Generally, the investors are usually confused about whether they should invest in fixed income securities or go with market-linked securities as both offer returns; however, both of them have their own limitations when it comes to offering returns. Fixed income securities are usually a safe bet for risk-averse investors as they offer a fixed rate of return and comes with a pre-decided maturity period. The principal amount invested is fairly safe in such products. They, however, fail to generate high real returns, i.e. returns adjusted to inflation are low in such fixed-income investments. If you need steady income on your investments without taking many risks, then fixed-income securities are a safe bet for you. However, if you are a risk lover and someone who wishes to take risks in anticipation of high returns, then investing in market-linked securities seems a more prudent option.

Market linked instruments are securities whose performance and value are derived from, or based on, one or more underlying market measures or assets. Returns, therefore, are neither fixed nor assured hence offering volatile returns. It offers a good alternative to traditional investments and can serve as important components of your asset allocation and can help you achieve a wide range of investment objectives.


In the end, everything boils down to one critical question which would be revolving in your head i.e. "Which investment is better for me"? The answer to this question depends on you - We at YKG Corp assess your risk profile and accordingly do asset allocations based on your individual preferences and goals by creating a hybrid portfolio of securities (Both fixed and Market linked) so as to make the best use of both the worlds and ensuring a happy investing experience for you....!!!


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