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Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Financial reporting is getting more and more difficult as the corporate environment and activities get more complicated. The major changes that are anticipated in the financial reporting rules across several countries will make this problem even more difficult. Many businesses are also working to enhance their procedures in order to produce accurate and timely financial reporting.

The demand for professional accounting guidance has significantly increased as a result of the quick changes and growing complexity of financial reporting. The financial reporting environment has undergone significant change in a number of areas, and more waves of change are anticipated in the upcoming years, which is what is driving the financial reporting issue.


Our primary goal is to give our clients technically sound accounting advice that is also sensible from a business standpoint. When it comes to creating financial statements, we offer knowledgeable assistance that ranges from just assisting clients in getting ready for an audit to handling the full production of their accounts.


Wider issues including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), significant system modifications, and new products or company strategies are frequently what spur the need for financial reporting assistance. As a multidisciplinary team, we are able to offer our clients seamless project assistance while combining financial reporting advising solutions.


Our skilled team of professionals ensures that your financial reporting needs are met in the ever-changing accounting environment. All types of financial reporting, including Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and US GAAP, are well-versed  by YKG Corp.


By analysing the client's financial processes and spotting holes in the master data and data-entry procedures, our team of professionals handles the data. By evaluating the efficiency of important controls used in the accounting process, we offer advice on how to maintain internal controls.


From project scoping to project execution and finalisation, we help clients with every step of the accounting closure process as part of our service philosophy. We also provide project and change management assistance so you may reap the rewards of improving your internal procedures.

Our Accounting Advisory Services include:

  • Preparation and maintenance of books of accounts as per applicable framework

  • Continuous communication with suppliers, customers and capital providers

  • Coordination with teams at remote locations – units/plants

  • Accounting advisory on complex accounting issues

  • Support in Management reportings to the group companies as per the group accounting policies or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Preparation of group accounting package as per group guidelines





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